Early Help Assessment

5. Reviewing what's changed

The next step in the EHA is to regularly review the plan to see what has changed for a child or family.

You should review the plan regularly and within 12 weeks to:

  • ensure the needs you identified have been met and if not why not
  • celebrate the success of any actions carried out
  • identify any new needs that have emerged, and establish whether the situation has improved or got worse for the child or family.
Situation at review Outcome
Needs have been met Close plan and EHA
Needs not yet met Continue with Plan
Current plan not meeting needs Re-assess and make new plan
New needs have emerged Re-assess and make new plan

Closure – EHA closure and review forms

When the plan shows that the child, young person or family’s needs have been met, the EHA can be closed. This is a significant moment for a child or family and their success in making changes should be recognised.

Other reasons to close an EHA

Sometimes an EHA can be closed for other reasons; including:

  • the child or family has stepped up to social care
  • consent has been withdrawn by the parent or young person
  • the family has left the area

To officially close the EHA, you should complete the closure section in the EHA.