Early Help Assessment

4. Planning to meet needs

At this point you have to plan how to meet the needs of the child, young person and family you have identified in early help assessment (EHA).

The EHA might identify needs which your service cannot meet on their own. In this case you may need other professionals or services to help. If you know who to involve, arrange a team around the family (TAF) meeting. If you need help or advice on who to involve, contact the MASSH Team around the Family (TAF) meeting.

The TAF meeting brings together a range of different professionals to support the family following the EHA. The purpose is to bring people with specialist knowledge together to work out how best to support the family.

The family and child or young person should attend and it is important to engage with them throughout the process.

Arrange a TAF meeting

If you're arranging the first TAF yourself, you can invite other professionals using the form below:

TAF Plan

The child, young person and family must be at the centre of the plan. The practitioner helps to support people in reaching their goals.

The plan should be developed with the child, young person and family. They should have a say on who they want to involve in the process.

The plan should result in actions that are about their life, not just services. It should also reflect what is possible, not just what is available.

When you have produced the plan, give a copy to the family and to any professionals involved.

You should use the plan to regularly review progress with the family to make sure the plan is working.

Resources to support you when holding a TAF meeting

More support

If you need more support, contact the MASSH for advice and guidance. Call 0161 217 6028 and press option 2 or email MASSH@stockport.gov.uk