Dog warden service

6. Dogs seized by the Dog Warden Service

If an owner is identified and contactable, they will be required to show identification. They will then have to pay the associated stray dog fees in full before being able to reclaim their dog.

It's a legal requirement to pay the Statutory Stray Dog Fee in full. It cannot be waivered or paid in instalments.

Legally, stray dogs must be kennelled for 7 days from the date of seizure. This is to allow an owner to reclaim them where applicable. The procedure for reclaiming that dog is as follows:

The dog will be returned to the owner's home address by Animal Wardens. This will be for the current statutory fee within the 7 days from the date of seizure. Payment will be required to be made in full prior to returning the dog. This can be made via card payment over the telephone or via a direct bank transfer. Cash payments will not be accepted.

Animal Wardens can be contacted directly on 0161 334 0042.

Dogs which are not claimed will become the property of Animal Wardens after the 7 statutory kennelling days.

Service Statutory fee
Stray dog, seized and returned directly to owner (not kenneled)* £78
Stray Dog seized, kennelled and returned*
Kenneled 1 day £147.50
Kenneled 2 days £157.50
Kenneled 3 days £167.50
Kenneled 4 days £177.50
Kenneled 5 days £187.50
Kenneled 6 days £197.50
Kenneled 7 days £207.50

*Where dogs seized require veterinary treatment the fee will be added to the relevant total statutory stray dog fee amount.

The above charges are not subject to VAT.