Dogs seized by Animal Wardens

If you’re the owner of a seized dog

If your seized dog is microchipped with up-to-date details then our service provider, Animal Wardens, will scan your dog to find your contact details. They will then call you to arrange to return your dog to you. You’ll need to pay a statutory fee in full and provide proof of identity to reclaim your dog.

If you cannot be contacted, we’ll take the seized dog to our kennels for safekeeping. We’ll also make an entry on the Doglost website. We’ll continue to try to contact you.

Reclaiming your dog

To reclaim your dog, call Animal Wardens on 0161 334 0042.

You’ll need to pay the statutory fee, which will vary depending on the date your dog was seized and the date you reclaim it. You can make this payment by credit or debit card, either over the phone or by bank transfer. We do not accept cash payments.

Once you’ve made the payment, Animal Wardens will return your dog to your home address.

If you do not reclaim your dog after it’s been in our kennels for 7 days, your ownership rights will become invalid. The dog will become the property of Animal Wardens.


Service Statutory fee
Stray dog seized and returned directly to owner (not kennelled) £86
Stray dog seized, kennelled and returned to owner
Kennelled 1 day £162
Kennelled 2 days £173
Kennelled 3 days 184
Kennelled 4 days £195
Kennelled 5 days £206
Kennelled 6 days £217
Kennelled 7 days £228

If a seized dog requires veterinary treatment, the fees will be added to the relevant statutory fee.

The above charges are not subject to VAT.