Dog warden service

8. Dog fouling

Dog fouling is an unpleasant and frustrating issue for many of Stockport's residents.

Some dog faeces contain a parasite which, if ingested, can lead to the onset of the disease Toxocariasis in humans. Children are more susceptible to this disease which, in the worst case scenarios, can lead to blindness.

It is a criminal offence to not pick up dog faeces and dispose of it appropriately. This law applies even if a dog is out alone. You can be given an on the spot penalty of £100. Or you could be given a fine of up to £1000 on summary conviction.

Authorised officers of the Council, including local Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), may patrol the borough at any time.

In December 2015 we successfully prosecuted a local resident for not removing their dog's faeces from Bowdon Street, Edgeley. The offender was ordered to pay a fine of £440. They was also ordered to pay costs of £327.25, a court charge of £150 and a victim surcharge of £44.

Always carry a bag when you walk your dog. Bagged dog mess, tied up tightly, can be placed in public litter bins. Also, in your rubbish bin at home if there isn't a public bin nearby.

To request a dog foul to be removed from a public highway, please contact us by using the form below:

Report a street cleansing issue

To report a known dog fouling offender, or request for anti-fouling signage to be put up in your area, please use the form below:

Report a dog fouling problem