Dog warden service

2. Dangerous dogs

The owner of a dog that bites or threatens to injure someone, could be found guilty of a criminal offence.

Any incidents like this which occur in a public or private place should be reported to Greater Manchester Police. To report an incident, call 101. Please note that the Police may only be able to investigate such incidents where the dog owner’s details are known.

If a dog has attacked another animal a civil complaint may be made against the owner. This could be made by an individual, the police or a local authority. Single incidents are usually not enough for dogs to be deemed as dangerous under this law.

To report a dog attack on another animal, contact the Dog Warden Service by calling 0161 474 4207. Alternatively, email

The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 prohibits the breeding, selling and ownership of:

  • Pit Bull Terrier's
  • Japanese Tosa's
  • Dogo Argentino's
  • Fila Brasileiro's

Owners of these suspected breeds should be reported to the Police.

There is no legislation in force in Stockport which requires dogs to be kept on leads in any public places. However the person in charge of a dog should have control of it at all times.