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Digital connectivity

1. Overview

Having access to reliable, high speed internet connections is essential in the way we lead our lives and operate our businesses. Stockport is extremely well connected through digital infrastructure with one of the best network coverages in the UK.

Recent investment in broadband infrastructure across Stockport, through the Get Digital Faster programme, has ensured over 99% of premises in the borough have access to superfast broadband. This is through fibre enabled street cabinets offering download speeds of between 23 and 80 Mbps.

Wireless broadband infrastructure provides an alternative option to fibre and is also extensively available across the borough.

Continued improvements to digital connectivity are essential. This is why we are working closely with neighbouring authorities in Greater Manchester with a view to building world class full fibre connectivity with the highest possible speeds. We are ensuring the city region is at the forefront of the next generation 5G mobile roll out.

Homes and businesses that are not able to access superfast broadband and will not form part of the Get Digital Faster roll out, may be able to access support from the government’s Basic Broadband service.