Difficulty paying your bill

4. Summons

A summons is a legal notice requiring you to appear at the Magistrates Court. If you have not made payment as instructed by the reminder or final notice or contacted us to make an arrangement, a summons will be issued.

After a summons has been issued

Once a summons is issued, then the council will apply to the Magistrates Court for a 'liability order' for the full amount of Council Tax – including summons costs (PDF 71Kb) unless the amount is paid in full before the court hearing date.

If you are unable to pay in full you should make payment in line with the arrangement detailed in the Summons correspondence. This is because if you keep to this arrangement no further recovery action will be taken even though the council will have obtained the liability order.

You do not need to contact the council to discuss taking up this offer – payments in line with the instructions are all that is required.

If after the initial payment you would like to make payment by direct debit please use the online form.