UDP appendices, explanatory maps and diagrams


  1. Supplementary Planning Documents and Guidance (PDF 27Kb)
  2. Sites of Nature Conservation Importance (PDF 44Kb)
  3. Conservation Areas and Locally Listed Buildings (PDF 59Kb)
  4. Recreational Open Space (PDF 70Kb)
  5. Housing (PDF 75Kb)
  6. Employment Sites (PDF 38Kb)
  7. Shopping Frontages (PDF 3.9Mb)
  8. UDP Objectives and the Community Strategy (PDF 89Kb)
  9. Parking Standards (PDF 68Kb)
  10. Major Existing Developed Sites in the Green Belt (PDF 61Kb)
  11. Glossary (PDF 79Kb)
  12. Landscape Character (PDF 44Kb)

Explanatory maps and diagrams

  1. Landscape Character Areas (PDF 376Kb)
  2. Etherow Country Park (PDF 69Kb)
  3. Reddish Vale Country Park (PDF 169Kb)
  4. Hazardous Installations and Pipelines (PDF 408Kb)
  5. Transport Policies (PDF 303Kb)
  6. Town Centre Community and Civic Space (PDF 80Kb)
  7. Aviation Policies (PDF 1.9Mb)
  8. Strategic Walking Network (PDF 630Kb)
  9. Quiet Lanes (PDF 407Kb)
  10. Air Quality Management Area (PDF 879Kb)

Note: during the enquiry process Diagrams 5 and 6 were removed. For ease of use the original reference numbers remain valid.