Definitive map statement

The ‘definitive map' is our legal record of public rights of way within the borough.

There may also be other public rights of way which have not yet been recorded on the definitive map. Sometimes it's expedient to change the route of a right of way or, very occasionally, to close it permanently.

New public footpaths can be created. The rights of way team ensure that the appropriate legal procedures are followed and make sure that the rights of land owners and footpath users are protected when a change is proposed.

Any order to change a right of way will be advertised so that all interested parties can have their say on proposed changes.

The map can be inspected at:

Stopford House

Please get in touch in advance to make sure that the map is not already being used. Photocopies cannot be provided due to the size and binding of the maps.

Please contact us to enquire if there has been any recent changes to the displayed version of the information in the definitive map statement (PDF 732Kb).