Dedicating a memorial bench

Dedicating a memorial bench to a loved one who has died can be a touching way to honour their memory.

Placing a memorial bench in a public park or space

Many families like the idea of placing a memorial bench in a public place. It could be a spot the loved one or family has a special connection with. For example; their local park or a place in the countryside.

If you'd like to place a memorial bench in a public area, for example in a local park, you'll need to get in touch with us.

If you'd like to dedicate a bench at your local crematorium, cemetery or churchyard, you'll need to get permission. For more information visit our headstones and memorials web page.

Buying a memorial bench

You'll need to contact us to buy and dedicate a memorial bench.

We'll supply the appropriate style of bench for the site chosen. This includes the seat and a plaque, if required.

The style of bench will be chosen for its durability and construction, and to prevent the need for maintenance. The lifespan of a normal bench is around 25 years.

If the bench deteriorates to an unsafe state we'll offer a replacement bench to the family of the loved one first before we offer it to the public.

Note: you will not be allowed to add additional items on or around your memorial bench.


A memorial bench costs £1,255 plus VAT. This includes:

  • the bench
  • the plaque, including the inscription
  • full installation

Types of bench

We have 2 types of memorial bench:

  • hardwood: durable, located in the countryside
  • metal: for most council parks or open spaces


The most common inscription includes:

  • the person’s name
  • date of birth
  • date they died

Plaques can also be personalised. You may want to add:

  • a favourite quote
  • lines from a favourite poem, song or hymn

It's best to keep your inscription short and simple due to limited space. The most important thing is that your words are genuine and heartfelt and reflect your loved one’s life.

Apply for a memorial bench

Call us on 0161 217 6111 or email

You'll need to:

  • tell us the details of the site you'd like the memorial bench to be placed at so that we can check availability
  • provide an email address to allow information to be sent out