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Debt advice

8. Contact us

Local advice centres

If you have a single debt, need any help completing our online referral form or have any queries about making a referral please visit a local advice centre.

If the advisers are unable to resolve your debt issues they may refer you to our service.

Requesting an appointment

We provide a specialist debt advice appointment service which is available for queries about multiple debts or if you have received a warrant of eviction.

We are qualified debt advisers and Approved Intermediaries of the Insolvency Service for the purpose of Debt Relief Order applications.

You can request an appointment if you:

  • are a Stockport Homes or Housing Association tenant and have a warrant of eviction for rent arrears
  • have a warrant of eviction for mortgage arrears
  • have a Bill of Sale which is being enforced
  • have received a Statutory Demand
  • have multiple debts

If you are an introductory tenant or a private tenant and have received a section 21 notice please contact Shelter urgently for advice.

Appointments are held at Fred Perry House in the Town Hall complex.

Please note: we do not provide a home visiting service.

Request an appointment

You can contact the Debt Advice team on 0161 217 6003 or email