Debt advice

What we can help with

If you live or work in Stockport, we can offer you:

  • specialist advice that's free, impartial and confidential
  • case work
  • representation

We can help you with complex debts issues including:

  • Council Tax and other government and local authority debts
  • rent and mortgage arrears
  • energy and water debts
  • complex single debts
  • bailiffs

We can assist you at court with:

  • possession/eviction action for mortgage arrears
  • rent arrears in social housing
  • other county court money claims and enforcement of other debts

We can also help with debt solutions including:

  • bankruptcy
  • Administration Orders
  • Debt Relief Orders

All our debt advisers are approved intermediaries for the Insolvency Service.

Our debt advisers are also authorised to access the Breathing Space scheme which provides legal protection from most debt enforcement for a period of 60 days.

Request an appointment

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Request an appointment with a specialist advisor

If your referral does not meet the criteria for a specialist debt advice appointment or contain enough information, we may refer you to an alternative source of advice.

Other sources of advice

There are a number of agencies who can offer you advice with debt and budgeting. These include:

National Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice Stockport

National Debtline

Business Debtline

Money Helper

Further information

You can find information on options for dealing with your debts at GOV.UK.

For links to other support services, you can also visit our cost of living support pages.