Registration of deaths

1. Registering a death

You must register a death within 5 days of the date when the person died, in the district where they died. If the death has been referred to a coroner, it must be registered within 14 days of the outcome of the coroner's investigation.

In most cases a relative must register the death, but it can be done by someone else in certain circumstances.

Paperwork for registering a death

We cannot register a death until we've been sent a medical certificate for cause of death (MCCD) by a doctor or hospital or the relevant coroner's documents.

If you're not sure whether this has been sent to us, you should contact the GP practice, the hospital bereavement office or the coroner's office.

You can use our online form to book an appointment to register a death.

Book an appointment

Your appointment will take up to 30 minutes.

The registrar will take you through the process of the registration and give you all the paperwork you need.

You'll also have an opportunity to buy copies of the death certificate. These are £12.50 each and we can give them to you at the appointment. You can also order additional copies at any time after the appointment on our copy certificates page.

Our preferred method of payment is credit or debit card.

Registering a death by declaration

Deaths should be registered in the district in which the person died, but you can make a declaration to register the death in the district where you live.

If you're a Stockport resident, you need to ask the registering district to email us the paperwork before we can register the death here. Our email address is

We cannot issue any death certificates or paperwork for your funeral director at the appointment. The registration is not finalised until the registering district has completed the process. They can then issue death certificates and paperwork for your funeral director.

You must order certificates from the authority where the person died, so you may experience a delay. Visit GOV.UK to find details of Register Offices.