Registration of deaths

1. Registering a death

A death must be registered within 5 days of the date the person died in the district where the death occurred by a relative of the deceased. If the death has been reported to a coroner it must be registered within 14 days. In certain circumstances, another person can register a death. For example, someone present at the time of death or a person arranging the funeral.

We're currently taking death registrations over the telephone. We'll contact you, or the named next of kin, within 48 hours of receiving the paperwork from the hospital or doctor. If you do not receive a call 48 hours after being told the paperwork has been sent to us call us on 0161 474 3363.

When we receive the paperwork from the hospital or doctor we'll call you to arrange a convenient time to complete the registration process. This will take up to 45 minutes to complete. The registrar will take you through the process of registration and you'll have an opportunity to make a payment over the telephone for certificates. These can either be posted to you or you can call into the office to collect the paperwork. Please let the registrar know during the call which option you would prefer.

The registrar will also give you a reference number. This lets you report a death to most government organisations in one go using the Tell Us Once service on GOV.UK.

Once the registration has taken place we'll ask you for the funeral director details and send the paperwork to them on your behalf to make sure there are no delays to the funeral arrangements.