Cricket squares

William Scholes Playing Fields in Gatley has 2 cricket squares.

If you'd like to hire the Williams Scholes Playing Fields for your team,
download and complete the cricket pitch application form (PDF 123Kb).

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You must read the conditions of hire below before completing and submitting the form.

To submit your completed form, you can either:

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Conditions of hire and hire costs

  1. A season will be no more than 18 weeks, starting the last weekend in April each year. All fixtures should be complete by the last full weekend in August
  2. If you've been successful in securing a wicket and facility, you'll be told in writing of the allocation. The allocation will correspond to the 18 weeks of the playing season and is allocated in accordance with your league fixtures.
  3. If you've been granted the allocation of a pitch, you'll become liable for the full payment of the pitch and facility. This must be made within 14 days of the account being posted by the Director of Finance. The hire charge will be determined by the Director of Place Management.
  4. If you withdraw from a pitch and facility following confirmation of allocation, no refund will be given. The full charge for the allocation will be made regardless of the number of fixtures played.
  5. If you want to apply for a refund as a result of problems experienced with a pitch or facility, you'll need to submit a claim within 10 days of the incident occurring. Claims placed at the end of the season referring to previous incidents within the season will not be accepted for refunds.
  6. In the event of an invoice not being paid in accordance with the above condition, your booking may be cancelled without notice and the appropriate league informed. We will not compensate you for the withdrawal of facilities resulting from not paying an invoice.
  7. If you're allocated a pitch and facility, you must not sublet the pitch and facility for use by any other club without the prior permission of the Neighbourhoods Team.
  8. You should provide and erect all equipment.
  9. Wickets should be marked weekly during the 18 weeks of the playing season.
  10. You should leave all accommodation and facilities in a clean and tidy condition. All rubbish resulting from players or spectators around the field of play should be removed following the completion of a fixture.
  11. All correspondence and communications will be directed through the secretary of the club.
  12. Teams should take care when parking vehicles. Make sure you not obstructing access to emergency vehicles and residents. Do not park in Beech Avenue, use the car park provided.
  13. You can only use facilities within public parks and recreation grounds within the declared hours of opening.
  14. In the event of a cancellation by Neighbourhoods Team or a designated match official (umpire), use of the facility is not to be undertaken, regardless of the match being a league fixture or recognised friendly. Any team found to be in violation of the above may have the facility withdrawn by Neighbourhoods Team.
  15. We cannot be held liable for property or personal items bought onto premises. We also accept no liability for injury.
  16. We reserve the right to cancel fixtures and terminate this agreement without any compensation being paid.

The price of booking a cricket square, which includes the use of the facilities at the playing fields, are as follows.

Hiring for a full season:

  • £550 for senior teams
  • £284 for junior teams

Casual hire:

  • £143 per match for senior teams
  • £71 per match for junior teams

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