Creating our plan

Developing a Local Plan requires many different stages to be completed.

What's happened so far?

In 2017, we worked with local communities to look at potential future issues for Stockport and how we could respond to them through our Local Plan. We received over 1000 comments online and through a series of community events. You can visit our consultation website to find out more about the response to our consultation.

We then developed our One Stockport Borough Plan taking into account what people and businesses thought was important for the future of Stockport. We also developed and consulted on some draft principles to guide our Local Plan.

Using all the feedback we received, we’ve developed a first draft of the Local Plan which sets out:

  • the draft planning policies we need to deliver the vision for Stockport
  • where we think new development could be best accommodated

What happens next?

We want everyone in Stockport to comment on the draft plan and tell us if there are things we need to do to make it better. You’ll be able to comment on the plan when the consultation goes live.

Your feedback will help us finalise our new Local Plan. There will then be a further public consultation so that any necessary changes can be made before we submit the plan for examination.

Once these changes have been made, everything will be sent to an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State to oversee a Local Plan Examination. Members of the public, businesses and organisations can attend this examination. The Inspector will determine who is eligible to speak at the examination. This may include people who’ve made comments.

Once the Local Plan Examination process has concluded, we'll receive a report from the Inspector. We may then need to make changes that need to be consulted on.

We'll then adopt the new Local Plan.

The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 requires councils to prepare and maintain a Local Development Scheme (LDS). This confirms the timescales for when we intend to have a Local Plan in place.

Until the new Local Plan is adopted, all planning applications will be decided on using the current policies. You can find more information on our current planning policies webpages.

Emerging planning policies