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4. Council meetings and committees

The main council meeting involves all members of the council. Responsibilities include making decisions on the strategic direction of the council. This is through the adoption of the Policy Framework, and for amending the Constitution.

The council have a number of different committees. They meet regularly to discuss, advise and approve a wide range of issues across the borough. These committees include;

  • the Cabinet
  • Scrutiny Committees
  • Ordinary Committees
  • Area Committees
  • Ward Committees
  • Joint Committees
  • Working Parties
  • Other Member Bodies, Scrutiny Review Panels and Outside Bodies

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The council meeting are now being webcast 'live'. They are made available to view after the meeting has taken place for a further six months.

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Ask a question

At many council committee meetings there is the opportunity for you to ask questions. You can ask about issues within the powers and duties of that committee (subject to certain restrictions on the questions that can be asked). You can either submit your question in writing at the meeting or you can use this online form to submit your question in advance.

Questions asked using this online form need to be submitted by 5:30pm on the day of the meeting.

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