Support with your Council Tax

This is a difficult time for many of our residents and coronavirus is having a significant impact on our economy.

Your Council Tax pays for essential services that are delivered to all residents in Stockport. It's really important that if your circumstances have not changed, or if you're able to, that you continue to pay what you should by maintaining your Direct Debit payments, or payment plan, as shown on your bill.

Struggling to pay your Council Tax

If you're struggling to pay your Council Tax:

  • make sure you've claimed all of the benefits that you're entitled to:
  • for information about debt problems and how to resolve them yourself, you can visit:
  • get in touch with us now. We can make sure you're getting all the support that you're entitled to. If you're already behind with payments, we can consider everything you owe us and help you avoid any extra costs or charges

Discretionary Hardship Support

If you're struggling financially to pay your Council Tax, you can apply for a Discretionary Hardship payment. You can apply even if you're not getting Council Tax Support.

To apply and find out more information about the payment, visit our discretionary hardship payments for Council Tax pages.

Contact us

To get the quickest response from our team contact us via web chat on our website.

You can also email

Note: we can deal with your enquiry quicker if you include your account reference number once in the subject line of the email. It must be in the following format. For example; Reference 5011111111. Do not include it again in the body of the email.

You can find your reference on your Council Tax bill. It's 10 characters long and starts with '50'.