Council Tax appeals

1. The appeal process

Step one

An appeal must be made in writing to us. It must give details of why you disagree with our decision not to backdate your discount, disregard or exemption.

You must also provide a detailed explanation of why you did not claim earlier. You must also provide evidence that you lived alone/were a student/did not occupy the property etc.

The council has 2 months to consider your appeal and send a response.

Step two

If the appeal is rejected or we fail to respond within 2 months a further appeal can be made to the Valuation Tribunal Service. This is independent from us.

More details on this service can be found at the Valuation Tribunal Service.

Any appeal to the Valuation Tribunal Service must be made within 2 months of us rejecting your appeal. Alternatively, within 4 months of the initial appeal where we fail to make any response.

You can make an appeal if you:

  • do not agree you are liable for the tax
  • do not agree with the dates you are shown as liable for the tax
  • have not been given a discount you believe should apply
  • have not been given an exemption you believe should apply
  • have not been given a reduction for a person with a disability and you believe you are entitled
  • disagree with a penalty that has been imposed

Please note you must still pay your bill while your appeal is being considered. If your appeal is successful you will be entitled to a refund of any overpaid Council Tax.