Appeal your Council Tax bill or band

Council Tax bill

If you think your Council Tax bill is incorrect, you should tell us as soon as possible giving a detailed explanation. You'll need to include your Council Tax reference number. You can find this on your Council Tax bill. It's 10 characters long and starts with '50'.

You should tell us if you think:

  • your property should not be charged Council Tax
  • you're entitled to a reduction on your Council Tax but we have not granted it to you
  • you're not the person responsible for paying Council Tax but we've sent you a bill
  • the amount of the bill is wrong
  • we've wrongly sent you a penalty
  • you disagree with the date shown on a completion notice

Write to:

Council Tax Team
Town Hall

You can also email Note: we can deal with your enquiry quicker if you include your account reference number once in the subject line of the email. It must be in the following format. For example; Reference 5011111111. Do not include it again in the body of the email.

We have 2 months to reply to you.

If you disagree with our decision or you do not hear from us within 2 months, you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal Service.

Visit GOV.UK to find guidance about how to appeal your Council Tax bill.

You must continue paying your Council Tax bill whilst you appeal.

Council Tax band

You can check your council tax band on the GOV.UK website.

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) is responsible for deciding which band a property is in. If you think your property is in the wrong Council Tax band visit the VOA website or call 03000 501 501. You'll need your Council Tax reference number which you can find on your latest Council Tax bill.

Visit GOV.UK to find guidance about how to challenge your Council Tax band.

You'll be informed of the outcome of your appeal by the VOA. If your band has changed we'll be notified and we'll send you a new Council Tax bill.

We cannot change your Council Tax band or appeal it on your behalf. You must continue paying your Council Tax bill whilst you appeal.

You can find an article setting out the circumstances in which the VOA will undertake a band review and the evidence you need to provide on the GOV.UK website.

Local Council Tax Support Scheme

You cannot appeal against the rules of our Local Council Tax Support Scheme for working age claimants. For example; removal of backdating, band cap. You can only appeal if you think the rules have not been applied correctly in your case.