The Stockport Council Plan

One Stockport, One Council: our Council Plan for 2022 to 2023

Our new Council Plan continues to be shaped by our response to the many challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. It also builds on the positives around joint working and collaboration towards our ambitions for a fairer and greener Stockport.

The Council Plan has been aligned with the key themes and ambitions from our ONE Stockport Borough Plan framework. These replace the 4 shared priorities from the 2015 Borough Plan and are as follows;

One Heart, a:

  • caring and growing Stockport
  • healthy and happy Stockport
  • strong and supportive Stockport

One Home, a:

  • fair and inclusive Stockport
  • flourishing and creative Stockport
  • climate friendly Stockport

One Future,

  • an enterprising and thriving Stockport
  • a skilled and confident Stockport
  • a radically digital Stockport

The plan also describes how we’ll work to deliver these long-term priorities over the next 12 months, with a fourth theme of One Council focusing on the unifying ambitions around a council that:

  • values partnerships and collaboration
  • cares about our staff and engages them in the future
  • is founded on strong governance and financial sustainability

Our ambitions to be a council built around our communities and which maximises the opportunities of digital directly support the ONE Stockport ambitions set out in the plan around a strong and supportive Stockport and a radically digital Stockport respectively.

The plan also adopts the ONE Stockport values; we are inclusive, ambitious, collaborative alongside the existing STAR (Stockport, Team, Ambition, Respect) values which underpin everything we do.

Whilst the plan builds on our collective strengths and ambitions for the borough, it also reflects the pressures and ongoing challenges we face as we build back from the impact of COVID-19. Tackling the impact of climate change and widening inequalities are at the heart of the plan. We also recognise the increasing pressures on our residents and communities from rising everyday living costs.

The plan is also aligned with the long-term vision of the newly-published Greater Manchester Strategy, and will be integral to the Outcomes Framework being developed with partners for the Borough Plan. The plan provides the basis for new Portfolio Agreements which will be updated and published in the new municipal year.

The 2022 to 2023 Stockport Council Plan was approved by the Council Meeting on 24 February 2022. It is accompanied by a high-level Equality Impact Assessment, largely based on that undertaken in early 2021 for the Borough Plan, along with an Environmental Impact Assessment.

Read the Council Plan and impact assessments 2022 to 2023