The Stockport Council Plan

The Stockport Council Plan 2023 to 2024 describes the key role we play in supporting the borough, through the provision and delivery of key services that are essential to everyday life. The plan also outlines our 4 big ambitions for the upcoming year, that will create opportunities for everyone within the borough.

Taking care of Stockport

We're responsible for providing more than 800 services to support and improve the lives of residents, businesses, and visitors.

Council Plan taking care of Stockport

You can find out even more about the borough by visiting The Big Stockport Picture, our open data website.

Stockport Council Plan 2023 to 2024 summary

Our 4 big ambitions

Ambition 1: Investment, regeneration and creating jobs

We want to grow Stockport’s economy to create and support strong, resilient and productive businesses that generate sustainable, accessible and well-paid jobs. We want Stockport to continue to deliver the opportunities that make Stockport amongst the best towns in the north west of England to live, learn, work and play.

Ambition 2: Education, work and skills

This ambition is about how we support our residents to have access to the best education, skills and qualifications at all stages of their lives, as well as making sure we support those who most need it to access the work and skills to succeed.

Ambition 3: Wellbeing in Neighbourhoods

Stockport is a very diverse borough. We're the 8th most polarised borough in England, with a number of our residents living in some of the most affluent and least affluent areas in the country. Neighbourhood working helps us to focus on the specific strengths and needs of different areas. Our ambition is that from Brinnington to Bramhall, every single neighbourhood and community across our borough can access the services that they need to be resilient, healthy and vibrant.

Ambition 4: Delivering for those who most need it

This ambition focuses on improving outcomes for our most vulnerable residents, including the provision of effective and efficient support and personal care which meet needs arising from, for example, illness, disability, old age, homelessness, domestic abuse, mental health issues or family breakdown.

Cross cutting themes

Our plan has responding to climate change and reducing inequality at its heart, recognising that these are our biggest challenges. These 2 cross-cutting themes are the lenses through which all of our activity will be developed, tested and progressed.

Fair and Inclusive

Our vision is for Stockport to be a borough for everyone where diversity and inclusion are celebrated and where everyone has equity of opportunity. We know that experiences of poverty, where people live, and other factors can all impact wellbeing and quality of life.

Our annual report describes the contribution we've made to deliver the Fair and Inclusive strand of the Stockport Council Plan during 2022 to 2023. The work has been supported by a cross-party working group, which shows the commitment of all political parties to this agenda. We've made progress towards fulfilling our ambitions, with projects delivered in partnership across Stockport.

Some key achievements this year are:

  • achieving Real Living Wage accreditation by the Living Wage Foundation and becoming a member of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter
  • developing equity networks to improve the way we engage with, and support communities of identity in Stockport
  • ensuring local people benefit from our regeneration programmes and that new jobs and opportunities are created
  • focusing the attention of schools on the outcomes of our disadvantaged children and those with special educational needs, for example through the delivery of the Poverty Proofing programme
  • delivery of a strong vaccination uptake campaign which was designed to reach out to all our communities and achieved high levels of uptake across all groups of residents
  • Stockport Support Hub successfully established as a new model of delivery for prevention services with equality, diversity and inclusion at its heart
  • a warm spaces programme run in over 125 community venues over the winter months. They offered hot drinks, food and activities to people who were struggling to heat their homes
  • developing colleague networks and using our data to focus work to become a more inclusive employer

We know there is much more to do and we look forward to working with partners and residents to create a fair and inclusive Stockport.

You can email to request a copy of our Fair and Inclusive Annual Report 2022 to 2023.

Climate Action Now

Our climate emergency declaration means that we recognise urgent action is needed to reduce emissions and adapt to the effects of extreme weather and warming temperatures. Read more about our approach to climate change.

Our enabling programmes

To achieve our ambitions, it is vital that we have the right support in place.


Our colleagues’ passion, resilience and dedication to local people and places is paramount to the delivery of excellent services to residents, high quality support and innovative change and improvement.

Working with others

We're immensely proud of our partnerships across the public, private, voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise sectors.

Radically Digital Stockport

We have an award-winning approach to digital and data. You can find out more about our approach to digital on the Digital Stockport website.

Delivering change and spending wisely

At Stockport, we take pride in our ability to make a positive impact on the borough and improve services whilst spending our money wisely

Stockport Council Plan 2023 to 24 summary

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