Supporting the community response

3. Supporting your community

If you want to help the most vulnerable people in our communities here is how to help keep yourself safe and the person you are helping stay safe:


  • look after yourself and others
  • follow public health guidance on hand washing and catching coughs and sneezes
  • follow guidance on staying at home if you have the coronavirus and/or if you have the symptoms and/or been in contact with someone who has had the virus
  • follow public health advice on keeping your distance 2 meters from people
  • look out for your neighbours that you know and put them in touch with local known services such as Age UK, Disability Stockport, Signpost for Carers
  • contact your local Healthwatch for more information
  • if you're worried about someone in your area or on your road, pass on a leaflet from a known local organisation such as Age UK, Healthwatch Stockport or Citizens Advice so that they can get in contact with a known organisation that can put them in touch with relevant services call Healthwatch Stockport we can
  • if a delivery is to take place we would ask that you leave it on the door step
  • give people information about recognised local groups and organisations that are working with local shops to help deliver
  • register your details with Healthwatch Stockport

Do not:

  • take or ask for any bank details from people you're supporting
  • take or ask for any bank cards or cheques from people you're supporting
  • enter people‚Äôs homes that you do not know, think about their safety, also think about distancing and not transferring germs
  • expect payment for items once you have offered to provide them for people for free
  • post any details of a vulnerable person online such as on social media websites, even in a closed Facebook group