Controlled parking zones

A large number of Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) have pay-and-display parking but this is not always the case. Many CPZs only have resident parking controls with no paid parking at all.

There are three major characteristics of a CPZ:

  • the hours of restriction of the CPZ are posted at all vehicular entrances and, generally, aren't repeated inside the zone
  • all lengths of road within a CPZ are controlled or restricted in one way or another. This is with a bay or a yellow line
  • yellow lines within a CPZ are enforced during the CPZ’s times of operation – unless additional signs state otherwise

The notable exception to the last rule is that all double yellow lines are enforceable 24 hours a day. No additional signs are required.

There are a number of Controlled Parking Zones within Stockport. The main one is the pay-and-display zone around the town centre.

The hours of this zone are Monday to Saturday from 6am to 6pm. Parking on-street in the town centre CPZ is very limited. It's usually easier to find a space in a car park.