Contacting the MASSH

2. Contacting the Designated Officer

The Designated Officer for the Local Authority, previously known as LADO, is the single point of contact for all professionals to report concerns, request advice and share information regarding a concern or allegation against an employee, volunteer or professional working with or providing services to children in Stockport.

Members of the public

If a child is at immediate risk of harm call the police on 999.

If you're a member of the public who has a concern about a child’s welfare, call 0161 217 6028. Select option 1.

If you're a parent or carer seeking support for your child, call 0161 217 6028. Select option 2.

Level 5 - Allegation about a professional

Managing allegations against people in a position of power and trust

Allegations management is a concern that a trusted individual within an organisation or establishment has behaved in a way that has harmed, or may cause risk of harm to:

  • a child
  • a young person or adult
  • an abused adult with care and support needs

The trusted individual may be a care worker, volunteer or other professional.

Everyone is at risk of allegations being made against them at any time and we need to make sure clear safer working practices are in place.

If you have concerns that a volunteer or anyone else in a position of power or trust may be causing someone harm of any kind follow these steps:


Report your concerns to the co-ordinators immediately on 0161 217 6029 or call 0161 217 6024 for the Minicom.


Contact us by using the form below.

Emergency contacts

If a child is at immediate risk of harm call the police on 999.

All professional referrals should be completed through the online form. However if it's your professional judgement that the LADO require this information immediately you should call 0161 474 5657. After your discussion with the LADO, you may be advised to return to this page to complete the form.

Contact the LADO

If you need advice about making a referral or would like to discuss a concern: