Contacting the MASSH

1. Contacting the MASSH

The Multi-Agency Safeguarding and Support Hub (MASSH) is the single point of contact for all professionals to report concerns, request advice and share information about a child and or family.

Members of the public

If you're a member of the public who has a concern about a child, you should call 0161 217 6028.

If the child is at immediate risk of harm call the Police on 999.

If you're a professional you should decide on the level of need detailed below and use the following online process. Levels of need are used to determine the kind of support a child or family requires.

Level 1 – Universal services

  • children who make good overall progress through appropriate universal services
  • there are no additional unmet needs or there's a single need identified that can be met by universal services

Level 2 – Additional needs

  • children whose needs require additional support from targeted, as well as universal, services due to evidence their family may be struggling
  • the needs of child may be unmet or unclear
  • an Early Help Assessment is required to assess need and plan support

Level 3 – Increasing concerns

  • children with an increasing level of unmet need
  • needs are deemed to be complex
  • an assessment is required to determine the need and plan for support. This can be coordinated by a lead professional from a range of services including children’s social care

Level 4 – Safeguarding concerns

  • children who have experienced significant harm and are in need of protection (Section 47) and includes children where there are significant welfare concerns (section 17)
  • a single assessment coordinated by a social worker is required to determine the level of support or intervention

When you've determined the right level of need contact us by using the form below.

Emergency contacts

If the child is at immediate risk of harm call the Police on 999.

All professional referrals should be completed through the online forms below. However if it's your professional judgement that the MASSH require this information immediately as the child has suffered significant harm or is at risk of immediate harm you should call 0161 217 6028. For out of hours emergencies call us on 0161 718 2118. After your discussion with the MASSH or Out of Hours service you may be advised to return to this page to complete the online form.

Contact the MASSH