Complaints about Children's Social Care

2. Complaints

You can make a complaint if:

  • you are a user of a service, or feel you have a right to a service from Services to People
  • if you are a carer or a representative acting on the user’s behalf.

You can do this in the first instance by writing or telephoning the Complaints Resolution Service via or 0161 474 3898/3895.

Stockport childrens social care complaints procedure (PDF 797Kb) describes the processes by which Services to People works to resolve complaints.

The statutory basis for the procedures is The Children Act 1989 Representations Procedure (England) Regulations 2006.

The complaints procedure is a three stage process:

Stage 1 – Informal

Staff and managers involved in providing the service that you are unhappy with are responsible for resolving your complaint in the first instance. The Complaints Resolution Service will be able to help you with this stage.

Stage 2 – Investigation

If you remain unhappy with the response you have received at stage 1 you can request that your complaint is considered at stage 2 of the process.

This means that an investigation will be undertaken without delay, by someone who has no involvement with the service you are complaining about.

You will receive a response, usually within 25 working days, telling you what action has/will be taken as a result of the investigation. If there are any delays in this process the Complaints Resolution Service will keep you informed.

Stage 3 – Review Panel

If you remain unhappy with the response at stage 2 you will be advised about this next stage.

You can ask the Complaints Resolution Service to refer any concerns you may have about the investigation or, the response you have received to a Complaints Review Panel. We will write to you about the process.

If you remain unhappy following the Local Authority complaints process, you can contact the Local Government Ombudsman.