Community transport schemes

If you struggle to leave the house or use public transport, you can use community transport to get out and about.

Travel vouchers

If you cannot use ordinary buses because you're registered blind or with serious mobility problems, GMPTE sells travel vouchers at a discounted rate. These can be used to pay for travel on accessible bus services or for taxi fares. The vouchers also provide free discounted travel on the Metrolink or rail network.

Note: if you've a concessionary travel pass that gives you free off-peak travel on trains or buses, you'll need to return this if you decide to buy vouchers.

GMPTE also operate Local Link, a flexible bus service for local journeys. You can book your journey from 1 hour to 7 days before you travel.

The service is available for everyone to use. There are no restrictions.

Ring & Ride

If you have difficulty using public transport, Ring & Ride provide accessible and low cost transport door to door. They can be used for journeys of up to 6 miles in the Greater Manchester area.

You can use Ring & Ride to take you:

  • shopping
  • to enjoy local leisure activities
  • to the doctors or to hospital
  • to school or college
  • to a place worship

Ring & Ride buses are suitable for taking wheelchairs.

Easy-Go CT (Stockport)

If you have mobility difficulties or disabilities, Easy Go CT provide community transport. Buses are fitted with tail-lifts, and provide a door to door service so that you can go:

  • shopping
  • attend the doctors or hospital
  • visit places of worship
  • on longer excursions, including holidays

Group bookings are available for community groups in Stockport. All journeys can be booked 3 weeks in advance and GMPTE travel vouchers are accepted.


If you cannot use public transport, you can use GMPTE travel vouchers to pay for taxi travel at a reduced rate. Check your phone directory for details of local taxi firms or look online.

All licensed hackney carriage taxis in Stockport can transport wheelchair users.

Stockport Car Scheme

Stockport Car Scheme is part of the Community Transport Network. If you struggle to use public transport, their registered volunteers can take you:

  • shopping
  • to day centres
  • to care homes
  • to medical appointments

If you're a carer, they can also provide transport to your own appointments.