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Community Investment Fund

8. Online voting - £501 - £10,000

Help us decide how to invest in supporting community activity.

We asked communities to tell us how they would use a share of the £25k Community Investment Fund. The groups below expressed interest to receive investment of between £501 and £10,000.

Please vote for your preferred choices to go through to the next stage of the process. You can have up to 3 votes, but you don’t have to use all of them.

The proposals that receive the most votes and align with the Stockport Together priorities will be invited to submit a full Business Case. These will be reviewed by an investment panel who will consider potential return on investment and how proposals can deliver:

  1. reaching out to people experiencing social isolation or loneliness and helping them make new and rewarding connections, or
  2. providing accessible and inclusive opportunities for people with long-term health conditions to support each and share experiences, or
  3. helping older people, those living with disability or those experiencing disadvantage, to make long-term lifestyle changes that improve their own health and wellbeing

The number in brackets within each summary indicates what priorities the idea involves.

All online voting is anonymous and we will not be collecting any personal data as part of this process. We do use cookies to display the percentages of all votes and to restrict user's voting.

If you do not see the online voting option you may have javascript disabled on your browser. Please enabled javascript to resolve this (visit for further information).