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Community Investment Fund

1. Overview

In November we launched a brand new Community Investment Fund, and we want to hear from you!

We believe that by investing in the best ideas for making Stockport’s communities stronger, we can help people to grow and thrive, encouraging them to take pride in their community and participate fully in democratic and social activities.

So as we launch this Fund, we’re inviting our communities to come forward with the ideas they think will make the biggest difference to their local area and their lives.

The first phase of the Fund is worth £25,000. Until next spring Stockport Council with our healthcare partners in Stockport Together will test the approach by investing in innovative, and potentially self-sustaining, ideas to improve community health and wellbeing.

This could be anything from art groups supporting those living with mental health conditions to dementia friendly cafes and drops-ins for those living in isolation.

Alongside this investment a set of online tools on these pages will give you the support and advice you need to make your idea a reality, so we can help bring your community closer together.

So why not tell us your idea today, and help make a difference in your community?