Clothing grants

2. How to apply

During July all eligible parents or carers were written to with details of the scheme. You can apply online at any time using the link below.

Applications received at the end of July and beginning of August should be processed by the 3rd week of August.

Applications received at any other time of year will be processed as quickly as possible.

The following Schools are not covered by the scheme. This is because the school has a uniform policy for pupils who are in receipt of free school meals. Please contact your child’s School for further information:

  • Stockport Academy

If we don't have a supplier for your child’s school we'll provide an alternative award In lieu of supplying uniform.

Once your child has received an award from The School Uniform Scheme they'll no longer qualify for further assistance in subsequent school years.

A credit union savings account will be offered. This is so that families/carers can save affordably over a 12 month period with a reputable savings scheme provider.

Apply for a school uniform award

Free school meals and clothing grants