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Children missing from school

Stockport Family takes a lead role in the tracking of children missing from Stockport & other local authorities.

When a child/family is missing from school a member of school staff should contact us via the contact centre.

Initial enquiries are made by a Stockport Family Worker (Education Welfare) based at the Contact Centre. This will include a home visit to confirm that the family are no longer at the given address. The Stockport Family Worker also liaises with colleagues from Social Care, Housing, Police and the Youth Offending Service. If the child cannot be found, the information is passed onto the nominated Children Missing Education Officer. They will then notify neighbouring councils via the s2s (school 2 school) website. Details are then loaded on to the Stockport Family and education databases.

If these initial enquiries draw a nil return, contact via s2s will be made. All United Kingdom authorities will request a check within their schools.

When a request is received from another authority to trace a child, the information is recorded. It's then passed to the nominated Children Missing Education Officer to check if the child is attending school in Stockport.

Each School is asked to submit a termly return for all pupils who have been removed from the school roll. This list is cross-checked with the s2s data base.

Stockport Family fully utilises the s2s website as an aid to tracking missing children.

All schools in Stockport have received training on how to fully utilise the s2s missing pupil data base.

For further information please see the contact us by emailing or calling 0161 218 1106.