Child employment

2. Employment permits

It is the employer’s responsibility to obtain the Employment Permit.

Employers should complete a separate Child Employment Permit application form for each child they employ.

An employer should complete the application form within seven days of the young person commencing work for them.

Completing the application

The employer will fill in what type of work the young person will be doing and the hours they'll work. They sign to state that they've carried out a Risk Assessment specific to the work carried out by the young person.

The young person's parents will fill in the name, Date of Birth, address and school of the young person. A parent must sign the form confirming that their child is medically fit to undertake the work. They should also confirm that they have been advised about the risk assessment which the employer has carried out.

A photocopy of the young person’s birth certificate will need to be sent with the form to Services for Young People.