Check if you need building regulations

2. Find out if you need building regulations

If you are a householder and want to find out if you need building regulations for your project, use the button below.

Before you start

  • you are advised not to construct conservatories where they will restrict ladder access to windows serving rooms in roof or loft conversions, particularly if any of the windows are intended to help escape or rescue if there is a fire
  • planning permission may still be required and advice should be sought by contacting the planning department

Find out if you need building regulations

You can also use the planning portal’s interactive house, which will advise whether building regulations are required and how to get approval. You can also use it to find building regulations guidance for common building work projects and read case studies of people’s experiences when undertaking a number of projects.

Commercial projects

If your project is commercial (or non-domestic) you need to contact the Building Regulations Team.