Changing schools during the school year

4. How to apply for secondary schools

Changing secondary schools within Stockport

To transfer from one school in Stockport to another, a transfer form will need to be completed. These forms are available in secondary schools. You must contact the school to get a copy of the three part form.

Part one should be completed by the parent. Part two should be completed by the current school. Part three should be completed by the requested school and sent to the Admissions Support and Advice Team.

Moving into Stockport

If you are moving into Stockport please make an application using our online admissions system below.

You'll be required to declare your residency to us and provide documentary evidence to support this. We won't be able to progress with your application until we receive satisfactory evidence. When we receive your application, we'll write to you explaining this process.

Apply for an in-year secondary school transfer