Changing schools during the school year

6. How your application is considered

If your child has a Education, Health and Care Plan, you should email

Where an application for a secondary school place triggers the in-year Fair Access Protocol, the headteacher of your requested school will ask the Admissions Support and Advice Team to refer your application to the Education Access Service for further consideration.You can read more about the Fair Access Protocol on the document page.

Application for school places will not be considered when the date the place is required from is more than two months from the date of the application. For example, applying in January but not requiring the place until May.

All other applications will be considered using the oversubscription criteria for the school requested.

  • all preferences for maintained schools will be treated equally as if they were all 1st preferences
  • all applications will be considered on the basis of the Published Admission Number of the school, the number of pupils on roll and the effect an unplanned admission would have on the provision of efficient education and use of resources at the school. Parental and pupil circumstances will be taken into account in line with the school's oversubscription criteria
  • if there are multiple in-year applicants for the same school year and there are insufficient places to satisfy all requests, the oversubscription criteria, policy and procedures contained in the authority's admissions policy document will be applied

If more than one school place is offered, the single offer will be for the school the parent has ranked the highest.

If it's not possible to offer a preferred school place to a pupil resident in Stockport, a place at the nearest available school will be offered. In the case of infant aged children who move into the catchment area of a school which is full, we'll identify a school place within a two mile distance from the child's home.

If a place at the preferred school is refused, parents are advised of their right to appeal to the Independent Appeal Panel. This won't be advised if an appeal has already been heard for the same child and school within the same academic year.