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Changing schools during the school year

1. Overview

If you live in Stockport, all applications for school places must be made to Stockport Council's Admissions Support and Advice Team, even if the school you are applying for is outside Stockport. The Admissions Support and Advice Team will liaise with other Local Authorities to find out whether or not a place is available.

Please view the school admissions policy procedures (PDF 1.07Mb) and glossary of terms (PDF 318Kb) which contain further information.

Moving House

If the application is linked to a change of address you must provide documentary evidence, this could be in the form of a solicitor's letter, Council Tax or tenancy agreement. The Council reserves the right to seek further information if necessary.

Other reasons for changing school

Sometimes a change of school cannot be avoided because of a change of address or new job, but there may be a number of other reasons why you wish to change your child's nursery, primary or secondary school. It may be that your child has struggled with bullying, their workload or suffers from a poor relationship with their teacher.

It's important to understand that changing schools may not be the answer, as the situation may continue at a new school. We advise all parent/carers to discuss your reasons for wanting to transfer with your current school prior to making any application.