Changes to your care or situation

If your financial circumstances change

If your financial circumstances change you must tell us as soon as possible.

You should let us know if you:

  • believe you're running out of money whilst paying for care. For example: if you're paying for care yourself and your savings are likely to go under £23,250
  • can no longer pay your care contribution

Get in touch if you need to tell us that your financial circumstances have changed.

If you need to talk to us about the finances of someone you look after, you'll need consent to speak for them.

If your care needs change

If your care needs change, or you do not need care anymore, get in touch with your social worker if you have one. If you do not have a social worker, get in touch with our team at the contact centre.

We'll talk to you to find out what's changed and work out the best way to support you.

Going into hospital

If you live at home

If you go into hospital and receive care from us:

  • you'll need to let us know
  • we'll need to cancel the care you receive until you're able to return home

If you go into hospital and you've arranged your own care services:

  • you'll need to tell your personal assistant or care agency, whether you pay for care yourself or by Direct Payment

If you're going to be in hospital for a long time:

  • you'll need to find out if this affects your benefits

Before you leave hospital a social worker may come to see you to check if you need support to return home.

If you live in a care home

If you go into hospital and your place in a care home is kept for you until your return, you'll continue to pay your contribution towards your care. Before you leave hospital, we'll reassess your care needs to make sure that your care home can continue to meet them.

If you cannot return to your care home, you'll need to let them know. You'll continue to pay for your care until the notice period ends. During this time a social worker can help you find alternative residential or nursing care.

If your hospital stay is expected to be longer than 52 weeks, your care needs change or we need to find you a new care home, we may end the contract with the care home and your contribution towards your care will end.

Please note: if you've been in hospital or residential nursing care for more than 28 days you will not be eligible for the following benefits:

If you receive any of these benefits you'll need to contact the DWP to discuss your eligibility.