Changes in your circumstances that could affect your benefits

2. Changes you must tell us about

Changes to the money you get

  • If you start or stop getting Income Support, Pension Credit (Guarantee credit and / or Savings Credit, or Jobseeker’s Allowance Income based)
  • If the money you or your partner gets, such as wages or any other benefits, pensions, or allowances, increases or decreases
  • If the money your non-dependants get increases or decreases
  • If there are any other changes in the money that anyone in your home receives. For example, if a child starts getting Disability Living Allowance

Changes in your home

  • If you change address
  • If the number of people in your home changes – for example a non-dependant leaves or joins
  • If any of your children finish full time education
  • If anyone in your home starts work
  • If someone has a baby

Other changes

  • If you or your partner are admitted to hospital or a nursing home
  • If there is a change in the amount of rent you pay to a private landlord
  • If you or your partner become a student
  • If the amount of savings or capital you or your partner have changes
  • You do not have to tell us about changes in age as we have this information already