Changes in your circumstances that could affect your benefits

1. Overview

The quickest and easiest way to report a change is by using the Change in your Circumstances online form.

Housing Benefit

If you don’t tell us about any changes within one calendar month of the change happening, you could lose out.

Unless there was a very good reason why you delayed in telling us, your housing benefit will only be increased from the Monday after we received the details from you.

Council Tax Support

You must notify us within 21 days of any change in your circumstances which may affect your Council Tax Support entitlement, failure to do so may result in a penalty of £50.

If the change means that the amount of Council Tax Support you receive has increased or decreased, a new Council Tax bill will be issued.


If you don’t let us know about a change in time, you may not get what you’re entitled to or if we pay you too much you may have to pay it back.

Information about some of the changes you must tell us about is available on the next few pages.