CCTV camera locations

1. Town centre public area locations

The table below shows the town centre public area CCTV camera locations:

Camera Number Location
1 Millgate/Newbridge Lane (Arden Arms)
2 Rear of Asda
3 Bakers Vaults
4 Market Place
5 Churchgate/Wellington Street
6 Lower Hillgate / Wellington Street
7 Churchgate (Robinsons brewery)
8 St. Petersgate/High Street
9 Great Underbank/Little Underbank/Deanery Way
10 Turning Circle/Barclays Bank/Merseyway precinct
11 Princes Street (BHS)precinct
12 Princes Street (Stolen From Ivor)
13 A6 Wellington Road South/Heaton Lane
14 A6 Wellington Road North/St Petersgate/Exchange Street
15 A6 Wellington Road North/Grand Central
16 A6 Wellington Road North/Edward Street/Greek Street
17 A6 Wellington Road North/Stockport College
55 Chestergate Taxi Rank
57 Wellington Road North Belmont Bridge
58 Wellington Road North Belmont Bridge
59 St Peter's Square/Rock Row
60 Co-op bank/St Peter's Square
61 St Petersgate/Lord Street
62 Hooper Street/St Peter's Square