Climate Strategy - Stockport CAN

1. Overview

CAN - Climate Action Now!

Globally, we recognise that climate change poses an unprecedented threat to our society. In many ways, this is a decisive decade, where we have the knowledge and the emerging technology to take greater action.

Coronavirus has shown us that change is possible when everyone plays their part. As the pandemic progressed, everyone made changes that were previously unthinkable. More of us are working from home than ever before, people are spending more time in their local communities and enjoying their greenspaces. These are all positive changes that benefit our society and the environment, and examples of what everyone can do to play their part.

Much more is needed to be done. For this decade to be truly decisive, for climate change to really be resolved, it requires action at every level, from national governments right down to the individuals those governments serve. Not doing our part means locking in changes to the climate that will severely impact the lives of everyone in the borough.

Locally we have already felt disruption through severe flooding and these events are likely to become more frequent with climate change posing a significant economic, social and environmental threat. This will also have an impact on wildlife and biodiversity, resulting in loss of species.

As a Council we have already started to act by leading the way in recycling, embarking on an ambitious LED street lighting programme that will reduce energy demand by 33% and Stockport Homes are recognised as a leader in sustainability.

We are also working with colleagues across Greater Manchester to deliver the 5-Year Environment Plan which sets out our long-term environmental vision and the urgent actions we all need to take in the next 5 years to help achieve this.

However, we recognise that more is needed. The action required is far greater than we can deliver on our own, it needs national government legislation and investment alongside all of us changing our behaviour. It means working together with public sector partners, businesses and residents.

This strategy sets out the initial actions that Stockport Council will take to make a difference on climate change over the next five years as we begin our journey to net-zero 2038. As we move forward, we will continue to build upon the foundation we lay here, refining and reviewing to adapt our plan as time goes on.

The scale of the challenge is significant, but we believe that Stockport CAN.