Recruitment, training and apprentices

2. Recruitment support for employers

Stockport has a strong, growing economy. We are keen to ensure that as many of our employers and residents as possible are included in this growth.

To help this we have support services available to assist employers to recruit from our local labour market:

Pre-employment training

Pre-employment training provides a free opportunity for employers. It enables them to find unemployed, suitable candidates for available roles. Pre-employment training is designed by a training provider. Employers must ensure the experience on the course is directly relevant to the roles being recruited to. Some examples of sectors where pre-employment training can be helpful include;

  • care
  • hospitality
  • catering
  • leisure
  • retail

Employment support programmes

The services below support individuals into employment. They also work with employers to target your recruitment needs. It is also to help ensure your workforce reflects the demographic profile of your local customer base. The main support services with active employer engagement include:

Jobcentre Plus

Jobcentre Plus is the main Government funded service providing universal services for jobseekers. It also has a range of services which can help you as an employer. Services can include recruitment advice, support with advertising on Universal Jobmatch service and links to Work Clubs. You can find information on how Jobcentre Plus could help your business on GOV.UK.

Working Well

'Working Well' is a Greater Manchester wide support service which incorporates the Work and Health Programme. It's a scheme set up for a range of out-of-work residents facing barriers to employment. The programme is run by InWork GM, integrating their offer with a range of health, housing and other services. InWork GM have an active Employer Engagement programme. They are keen to talk to you about how you can work together to support your recruitment.

For more information, visit the InWork GM website.

Caring, Working, Living

Caring, Working, Living aims to support people with caring responsibilities who are looking to return to work:

  • to increase their confidence and self-esteem in relation to returning to paid employment
  • to improve their understanding of the skills that employers are looking for

Support we can offer:

  • provide information to 'returners' about agencies in their local area that provide support with job search skills
  • provide financial support towards the cost of job searching. For example; the cost of childcare or other care, travel to an employment support activity, interview costs such as travel or clothing
  • provide information about employers that are offering workplace visits. For example; work trials, placements, Returnships as part of their recruitment
  • provide peer support through our Facebook page

To be eligible for support you must:

  • either be a parent or a carer
  • have been out of work for at least 12 months due to caring responsibilities
  • be looking to return to work
  • live in Greater Manchester

For more information, you can:

Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub

The Business Growth Hub offers advice and support to help recruit the right talent for your business. You can find out more at the Business Growth Hub website.

GOV.UK's 'Find a job' service

You can use this service to advertise a job on GOV.UK.