Recruitment, training and apprentices

4. Workforce skills and development

Leadership and management development programmes

Developing the skills in the workforce is a key way of increasing productivity in business. A key element should include considering the support needed by managers and leaders to drive the business forward and lead by example. The Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub can help provide a starting point to consider the skills needed to grow the business include leadership and management development.

Understanding the skills gap

The importance of improving productivity is a major challenge for all of the UK. Addressing the skills gaps is crucial to achieving this goal.

Stockport is home to a productive workforce. We are one of a few boroughs in Greater Manchester with productivity above the North West average. However, we know that like every other area in the country, there are skills gaps that need to be addressed. Particularly in ensuring employers are able to recruit jobseekers with the skills sets needed.

We are committed to ensuring that the borough continues to develop the local skills base as much as possible. This is within both the existing workforce of employers, but also among those residents not currently in employment. This is crucial for future prosperity and growth in the economy of both Stockport and Greater Manchester.

Future devolution of the Adult Education Budget from the Government to Greater Manchester, provides opportunities to shape the skills to employer needs. Skills development is also a key element to promoting strong employment practices within Greater Manchester. This will be developed through the Mayor of Greater Manchester’s Employment Charter.

To support these ambitions, we are keen to have conversations with as many local businesses as possible. We want to understand the skills challenges you face and engage you in the co-design of the future skills provision of training providers.

If you would like to speak to us regarding your skills issues specific to your business or for general enquiries, email the Growth team at