Recruitment, training and apprentices

1. Working in Stockport

We have a highly skilled, productive workforce in Stockport, which has contributed to the borough’s attractiveness as a location to do business. With a population of just over 290,500 we've the third largest population in Greater Manchester. We also account for 10% of the conurbation’s population. Over 41% of Stockport’s residents are educated to NVQ 4 or equivalent, above the averages recorded for Greater Manchester and the UK. Whilst the economic activity rate and employment rate of the working age population also exceed the UK and GM averages.

Stockport plays a key role in Greater Manchester as an attractor and host of skilled labour, attracting workers from across the conurbation and neighbouring districts. Within 30 minutes you can drive through the borough as well as visit the neighbouring High Peak and Cheshire. Through this, we provide access to a wider population of around 3 million people. We also have easy access to both rail and road networks which help to enhance the flexibility of the labour force.

Caroline Patten, Grassroots Recruitment

“The Borough has a high performing workforce with 30% of households in Stockport categorised as affluent achievers and 48% being employed in managerial, professional, technical or senior level roles. A third of the working age population of Stockport residents are educated to NVQ4 or equivalent and Stockport has a diverse workforce. It is an area rich with talent which is now being mobilised in Stockport to the long-term benefit of all.”