Registration of births

1. Overview

All births must be registered within 42 days of the baby's birth.

If the parents of the child are married to each other then either parent may register the birth.

If the baby's parents aren't married to each other and the mother wishes to have the father's details in the registrar, he must be there to register the birth. If this is not possible then contact the Register Office for further information.

The law allows unmarried fathers to have equal parental responsibility, all you need to do is register your baby’s birth together.

If the baby was not born in Stockport, you will need to contact the Register Office where the baby was born. Visit to find the correct Register Office.

Registering A Still Birth

Advice about registering a still-birth in England and Wales may be obtained from your local registrar. If the still-birth occurred in Stockport, please contact the registrar on 0161 474 3370 or 0161 474 3363.