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1. Backdating discounts, disregards and exemptions

A discount, disregard or exemption can normally only be backdated for one calendar month from the date the application is received.

If you're applying for a discount, disregard or exemption from a date which is more than one calendar month before the date of your application you must provide:

  • Proof that you have been entitled to the reduction for the whole of the period.
  • If you're applying for a Single Person Discount to be backdated you must provide evidence to prove that you have lived alone from that date. You should provide as many pieces of evidence as possible from the relevant date. More evidence may be needed the longer the period - examples of evidence could be:
    • documents showing the change in your circumstances that resulted in you becoming the sole occupant at that time
    • house deeds in your sole name
    • mortgage/insurance documents in your sole name
    • if you have previously had a partner in the property: tell us where they now live and, if possible. Provide evidence to prove the date they moved to their new address
    • tenancy agreement in your sole name
    • a letter from your landlord advising that you're the only tenant and no other occupiers are allowed to move in
    • utility bills and bank statements in your sole name
    • motor insurance documents showing you as the sole driver at your address

These are only examples, please provide any other documents you feel are relevant. If we require further evidence or information we'll contact you to request this. We would usually allow 2 weeks for the information to be provided.

If your backdating request is refused and you disagree, you can make an appeal against the decision.

The appeal process has two steps which are explained on the next page.