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Walking, cycling and rights of way

Find information on walking and cycling routes and public rights of way in Stockport.

Website help

Find information about our website, including our accessibility statement, cookies and our live chat service.

Wedding venues

Find information about the unique weddings venues in Stockport available for your special day.

Weed control

Information about the weed control sprays that take place in Stockport.

Welfare rights

Find out what advice is available to help you to appeal benefit and tax credit decisions.


We provide free public Wi-Fi in an extra 18 buildings in Stockport to encourage people to access our services online.

Winter in Stockport

Stay up to date with all the latest winter information, including winter advice, news and events.

Winter maintenance

Find information about gritting in Stockport, reporting winter issues and how to stay safe during the cold winter months.

Workforce development

Find a range of training options for those who work with children and adults in Stockport.