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Land ownership map

Search by street or postcode to find Stockport Council land ownership or interest in Stockport.

Language support

Specialist English language teachers help to meet the needs of all pupils from minority ethnic backgrounds.

LED street lighting

Find out more about LED street lighting in your area.

Leisure centres map

Use our online map to find public leisure centres in Stockport.

Leisure, parks and attractions

Find information about parks, museums, tourist information and sports in Stockport.

Let us help with your business support needs

Stockport Council is well placed to provide a quality range of services to meet the changing demands and requirements of our customers.


Find out where your local library is in Stockport, what services they offer and how to join.


Information about registering your business in Stockport and how to apply for various operating licences.

Local government elections 2021

Local government elections were held on Thursday 6 May 2021 in Stockport.

Local government elections 2023

Local government elections were held on Thursday 4 May 2023 in Stockport.

Local Heritage Library

Find a wealth of information about Stockport's past or your own family history.

Local Land Charges Search

Find out how to submit a local land charge search.

Local Plan

Information about our plans for the development of Stockport.

Looked after child - placement or discharge notification

Use our online forms to notify Stockport Council about the placement or discharge of a Looked After Child.