Hat Works

The Hat Works is the UK's only museum dedicated to the hatting industry, hats and headwear.

Hate Crime

Hate crimes are acts of violence or hostility directed at people because of who they are or who someone thinks they are.

Have your say

Consultation with the people of Stockport lies at the heart of how we work.

Home education

Home education is a term used to describe teaching your child at home, either full or part-time.

Home visiting service

You can request a home visit to find out what benefits you might be entitled to or if you need help to complete a claim form.

Household bin collection day

Use your postcode to find out your next bin collection day.


Including affordable housing, assistance for home repairs and supported and older person's housing.

Housing Benefit

If you are a low income household you may be able to claim Housing Benefit to help you pay your rent.

Housing Benefit - How to apply

How to apply for Housing Benefit and help with completing your online application form.

Housing Benefit - Tell us about a change

You must inform us about any changes that could affect your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support.