What we're looking for in your application

An application form is your way of telling us about your skills and accomplishments. Most applications are done via an online application form, followed by an interview. The interview could include a test, presentation or assessment depending upon the job.

Fill in each section

Gaps in the application form means that you’re missing out really showing off who you are. It can also tell us that you may sometimes miss out on the smaller details. Make sure your fill in each section. If you use Word, then you can check for spelling, grammar and word counts before copying and pasting it into the application.

Supporting information

In an application form you'll be given the opportunity to really focus on the things that you have achieved. This is usually in the Supporting Information section at the end of the form and you need to put in as much information as possible.

If the job role has a Values or Person Specification section, that tells you what we're looking for. Using these as headings, write underneath each heading how you meet these values or specifications and give examples about how you meet each one.


Your examples do not have to be work based. Examples of how brilliant you are can come from anything at all. You could think about:

  • how you managed your time when you were at school
  • your caring responsibilities
  • any volunteering you've done

This could tell us how great you are at prioritising, or time management. How you manage multiple activities and demands at once, or how you used your own time to help someone else.

Word limit

Supporting Information is the most important section of an application so make good use of it and tell us more about your skills. There may be a word limit that will give you a clue as to how long we’re expecting it to be. You do not have to meet the word limit exactly, but if we’re giving you a word limit of 4000 and you only put down 150 words, you might want to expand.

Tell us about yourself

This application is about you. Take the credit for your part in the team. You can do this by showcasing your skills or role in the team.

We welcome all applications and encourage you to join us.


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Further support

If you have any questions or need more advice then get in touch with us.