Apply for a school place

2. Apply for multiple schools

Stockport Council allow Parent/Carers to express up to 6 preferences (for Primary and Secondary School applications, 4 preferences for Nursery applications).

By applying for more than one school, it increases the likelihood that you will be offered a place at a preferred school.

Things you need to know

  • Stockport Council operate an equal preference scheme meaning each preference you express in an application will be treated as a 1st preference
  • Parents / Carers who express more than 2 preferences increase their chances of being offered a place at a preferred school
  • For Primary and Secondary applications; you make your application to your home authority (the authority you pay council tax to) regardless of the location of the schools you're applying for

Common mistakes

  • Parents / Carers think that if they just express 1 preference then it forces the authority to offer that school. This is incorrect. Parents / Carers who only express 1 preference limit their chances of being offered a place at a preferred school. If Stockport Council cannot offer a place at any expressed preferences then it will offer the nearest school with places available.

  • Parents / Carers think that by putting a school down as 1st preference it increases their chance of being offered a place at that school. This is incorrect. All schools have to publish and use an oversubscription criteria to determine the outcome of an application; in Stockport, Schools use a combination of sibling status, catchment / associated catholic school status and distance as a means of ranking applications. If you're not sure what an oversubscription criteria is or what the criteria is for the school's you're applying for then go back to the previous step.